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Kingpolis is a specialist in the field of bike insurances. Kingpolis offers a wide range of different insurances for different types of bicycles, like city bikes, E-bikes or cargo bikes.

A large amount of bike shops are working together with Kingpolis. Ask your local bike shop about the possibilities, or contact Kingpolis directly for more information.

In 2016, 2018, 2019  and 2020 our comprehensive bicycle insurance policies (for the E-bike and the city bike) are best tested! The test judgments are even higher than two years ago because it is possible to insure online now.

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E-bike and city bike insurance best tested by Dutch Consumer Association


Bicycle insurance

Tips & Service

What to do if you have damage?

Do you have damage? Then Kingpolis will ensure that you can cycle again as soon as possible. A bicycle shop will repair your bike, Kingpolis will take care of the administrative handling of the damage.

What to do if your bike is stolen?

First of all: report your theft. We will help you to handle your theft claim quickly and efficiently. After approval of the theft claim, you can find a new bicycle at a bicycle shop.

Is there a liable counterparty?

Then we will help you to recover the uninsured damage, for example injury or other damage. We offer you this service for free. We're always working hard to provide the best service for you!

Our mission

Provide the best insurance against damage and theft

It is our mission to help consumers who have purchased a valuable product by insuring them against risks such as theft and hul damage.

More about us

Mandatory liability insurance for the speed pedelec

If you have bought a Speed pedelec, you are required to close a liability insurance yourself.

Speed pedelecs are fast electronic bikes which allow you to go 45 kilometres per hour. Since January 1st 2017 the speed pedelec is officially declared a moped. That is why you must close a liability insurance with it.

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