Cargo Bike insurance

For the past couple of years, the Netherlands has been one of the world’s leading countries in the field of cargo bikes. That is why Kingpolis has developed the Cargo Bike Service Subscription in cooperation with Babboe and Europeesche Verzekeringen.

The bicycle is then insured from the day you pick it up at the bike shop. As long as you do not yet have the policy in your possession, the document of delivery will act as the prove of insurance. The policy will be sent by email or by post. Always check your policy for the frame number and key number!

Cargo Bike Service Subscription

The cargo bike service subscription consists of an extensive bicycle insurance of Europeesche Verzekeringen and a combination of extra services from Babboe for a fixed amount per month. After the first year the subscription can be cancelled monthly. You can choose between three options:

Kind of insurance




  Insurance against theft




  Hull Damage / allrisk insurance




  1 service appointment included




  Road assistance




  Monthly costs

€ 6,95

€ 9,95

€ 12,95

All figures are per month, including VAT and insurance tax, and excluding one-off policy costs of € 5,00

With this service subscription we enable you to get a customized total package that fits your wishes optimally for a small amount per month. This lets you enjoy your cargo bike without worries. If your cargo bike gets stolen or damaged, then we will make sure you can move on quickly.

The service subscription holds for both all regular Babboe cargo bikes and the electric Babboe cargo bikes.

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Who is Babboe?

The Babboe cargo bikes are an initiative from a few parents who wanted a cargo bike but found the existing ones too expensive. In 2007 Babboe decided to develop, in cooperation with an engineering firm, a cargo bike of a good quality and an affordable price.

Website Babboe

Tips & Service

What do you do if you have hull-damage?

Do you have hull-damage? Then Kingpolis will ensure that you can cycle again as soon as possible. A bicycle shop will repair your bike, Kingpolis will take care of the administrative handling of the damage.

What to do if your bike is stolen?

First of all: report your theft. We will help you to handle your theft claim quickly and efficiently. After approval of the theft claim, you can find a new bicycle at a bicycle shop.

Is there a liable counterparty?

Then we will help you to recover the uninsured damage, for example injury or other damage. We offer you this service for free. We're always working hard to provide the best service for you!