Report damage of your bike online

Here you can explain what has happened. This is important for a quick handling of your damage! Furthermore, you can state who, according to you, is to be held accountable. In the case this person is someone other than yourself, we ask you to include to the details if possible. You can upload a document with the previously noted information. Download the claim form of Kingpolis for this.

In response to your report of the hull damage to your bike, we can inform you as follows. If the hull damage is covered in accordance with the policy conditions, the following procedure holds: You can have the damage being assessed at the bike shop where you have bought your bike. Is the damage less than € 100,- ? You can then have your bike repaired directly and pay in advance. We would like to receive the invoice and the filled in claim form as soon as possible. Is the damage assessed at more than € 100,- ? Then we would like to receive the assessment report and the filled in claim form.

Is there an opposite party involved? Then please send a picture of the bike together with clearly filled in information about the opposite party. You can add up to 10 files.