Our mission

We provide the best insurance against damage and theft for your bicycle

It is our mission to help consumers who have purchased a valuable product by insuring them against risks such as theft and damage.


Our service is always

Useful for the customer

Our service is always useful for the customer


Reliability, security and transparency are our priorities


No difficult terms or vocabulary, but understandable language

Competitively priced

Always the best insurance at the best possible price

The Kingfisher

Our logo is a bird, and not just another bird! It is the Kingfisher


The Kingfisher is a little bird and a born hunter and fisherman. In addition, he eases most nest holes more than 1 meter deep. We at Kingpolis also never sit still and are constantly 'hunting' for the greatest possible benefit for you. Many thanks to http://www.ijsvogels.nl for the YouTube film.

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