Our bicycle insurance in short

You close the bicycle insurance at the shop where you buy your bike. The bicycle is insured from the day you pick it up at the bike shop.

The policy will be sent by email or by post. Always check your policy for the frame number and key number! You have the choice between two coverages:

Bicycle theft insurance

  • When a claim of theft is approved, you can choose a new bike that has a value equal to the insured amount
  • No deductible excess
  • No depreciation

In the case of theft you must file a police report. You will need the police report made by them to be eligible for the payment. You should file the police report as soon as possible, at least within 5 days. Today it is also possible to report online, 24 hours a day! click here to report online to the police.

Bicycle damage insurance

  •  Coverage when there is damage to your bike caused by external factors, like an accident or falling
  •  Wear of the bike and its parts is not insured
  •  Deductible excess of € 25,- per instance of hull damage

Road assistance

When you have included road assistance you can rely upon the services of VHD or SOS  in case of a breakdown. In short, if you are stranded on the way, even in the case of a flat tire (3 times per year maximum), you will be picked up and be delivered with your bike to either the shop or your home, depending on your preference!

Assistance in the right of recourse

When you got an injury caused by an accident on the bike, we will help you recover these costs on the opposing party that is responsible. The cyclist is a “weaker road user” according to the law. That means there is a good chance that you can recover these costs. We would like to help you with this.

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Tips & Service

What do you do if you have hull-damage?

Do you have hull-damage? Then Kingpolis will ensure that you can cycle again as soon as possible. A bicycle shop will repair your bike, Kingpolis will take care of the administrative handling of the damage.

What to do if your bike is stolen?

First of all: report your theft. We will help you to handle your theft claim quickly and efficiently. After approval of the theft claim, you can find a new bicycle at a bicycle shop.

Is there a liable counterparty?

Then we will help you to recover the uninsured damage, for example injury or other damage. We offer you this service for free. We're always working hard to provide the best service for you!