If your bike is stolen

We’re sorry to hear that your bike has been stolen! We will do our best to deal with your claim as fast as possible. For this we would like to receive the following:

1. The copy of the police report

We want to receive all (3) pages of the copy of the police report. You will receive this usually within 5 working days after the online report. You must report to the police within 5 days after the theft. You can report online 24/7 at: https://www.politie.nl/aangifte-of-melding-doen/aangifte-van-diefstal-fiets.html   

DigiD en SMS-controle; since april 1st 2017 you need, next to a DigiD, control via text message to file a police report and log in at Mijn Politie: https://www.politie.nl/aangifte-of-melding-doen/digid-en-controle-via-sms.html

2. The two original keys of the fixed lock

We advise you to stick the keys to for example the policy document, so they cannot damage the envelope which can cause the keys to get lost.

3. A copy of the purchase receipt of the bicycle.

4. A copy of the policy (if present).

You can send this to: (We advise you to send the documents as registered post)

Kingpolis T.a.v. Schadeafdeling
Postbus 148
8530 AC Lemmer

We aim to complete the handling of the damage within 10 days of receiving the documents. After the handling of your claim, you will receive a notification of this as soon as possible.The bicycle insurance of Kingpolis always returns in kind. This means that, when your bike has been stolen and your claim is validated, you can pick a new bike at your bicycle dealer. We advise you to order a new bike only after you have received a letter of approval from us.

Report theft of your bike online

If you have a police number, please admit

If you have a damage-number, please admit

For example, would you like to add a police report? Then add the document here. You can add up to 10 documents.